Dianabol (Metandienone) Solo Course

Many athletes who are just delving into the vast world of sports pharmacology, in most cases, give their preference to the Dianabol solo steroid, as the first anabolic in bodybuilding. Now a large number of athletes could first-hand experience both the availability of Dianabol, in terms of price, and its effectiveness, which is expressed in a noticeable increase in strength and muscle mass in a short period of time.

A significant part of beginner “chemists” plan and usually buy 100 tablets of Dianabol, but this is fundamentally wrong and the course will not be completed, especially if it is solo. Such an amount of the drug [100 tablets] will not give the desired result! The full duration of the course should be one and a half months – this is a safe threshold for taking steroids in tablets.

During this period of time, the increase in muscle mass can be from 8 to 13 kg without a significant rollback if the correct PCT was carried out and the correct exit from the course was carried out.

On the course of Dianabol solo from the second – third week, we advise you to connect the reception of Mesterolone, which will ensure the normal functioning of your own reproductive system, as well as significantly reduce aromatization, which can cause gynecomastia, and with this, an undesirable accumulation of water in the body, as well as body fat, according to female type. After a solo course, post-cycle therapy with Tamoxifen or Clomid [best of all] should be used to restore the Dianabol solo-hormonal background and thereby prepare the body for the next course of steroids.

Reasonable course of taking a steroid solo

Based on the foregoing, we can draw conclusions and summarize what is needed for the full use of Dianabol solo:

Dianabol – 150 – 200 tabs Proviron – 20 tabs Clomid – 30 tabs or Tamoxifen – 40 tabs The maximum allowable and safe dosage of Danabol solo per day is 50 mg.

But you should not start with this dose, since you also need to take into account such factors as: the weight of the athlete, experience in pharmacology, experience in use. If you are new to this business, then start your intake with 30mg per day, divided into three times, for example 1 tablet in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening. Keep an eye on your body and well-being, if no changes occur, in terms of side effects, you can switch to a dose of 40 – 50mg daily.

Reasonable course of taking a steroid solo

Dosages of Dianabol solo

If your weight is within 80 kg, 40 mg per day will be enough for you, but if you are in the weight category of 90 kg, you can safely use 50mg without fear of any violations on the part of your health, since the total amount will be relatively large, as for example in combined steroid courses.

Of course, do not forget that before the course, both solo and any other, you need to undergo a medical examination for the presence of chronic diseases and the absence of problems with the liver and kidneys.

Dosages of Dianabol solo

You need to drink tablets both on a solo course and in combination with injectable steroids every day, regardless of training and rest days. Taking Dianabol at regular intervals during the day, we get: a smooth anabolic background, which gives the athlete an increase in muscle mass, strength, recovery after hard training, and also prevents catabolism, which destroys our muscles when we are not on the AAS cycle.

The next day after the end of the Danabol tablets, we carry out PCT – Clomid 100mg (2 tabs – 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) for 14 – 21 days. The course of solo steroids is not optimal, since the combination of drugs gives a much better effect than a single dose, and it is also possible to eliminate possible side effects by complementing each other. But still, as an option, the Danabol solo course has a place to be on this day, it is very popular